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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Long Time No Bloggy

It looks like that Facebook experiment took hold. A lot of life has happened since my last post.

Here's a picture I took of a nearby hillside in my hometown. I used to look at this distinct hillside as a kid and wondered how far it was away, what was it all about ( it looked different than the surrounding hills ) and mused over how cool it looked.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Powderhound Session 2009.1

Facebook has seriously eaten into my blogging time!
It's a snowy day here in Vancouver, I'm sat around drinking coffee watching the snow come down - perfect blogging weather I thought ... so here's a fresh post.
Well - the 2009 Powderhound Session's have started and it looks like we've got a few new members to the crew. To start the season this year we headed upto Cypress Mountain for a slide in the snow. We all had a great night getting back into the swing and getting our techniques down. Early in the eve we had a wonderful sunset and just as the sun went down the place turned other worldly with some fantastic colour contrast.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Congratulations ...

A huge big up from Kormacurry, M and Lil'Kormacurry - awesome news. Let's get some health care going for everyone - make it happen.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

NFS Undercover

Here's something I've been working on lately ;} ....

Family Visit

We had a great visit from my family. They flew over the arctic to come see Lil' Kormacurry and had a great time!!! They loved Lil' Kormacurry (well of course, she's adorable!).

A good time was had by all over the 2 weeks, we managed to squeeze in some great outings to some epic nature and in fine form of the pursuit of good times they arrived, met Lil' Kormacurry, ate a tasty lunch then fancied some fresh air after the plane ... so whilst M got some sleepy time ... we headed into the mountains for a stroll. It's truly a magnificent part of the world around here.

What No Posts?

Facebook is definately eating into my blogging time. It's been quite interesting experience non-the-less, I've reconnected with some old friends from England which is - priceless. The world has always been shrinking for me, living an international life with friends and family spanning the globe .. but facebook has added a new dimension to this experience. On a day-to-day basis I know what's on the minds of my friends in England and USA. So what? but that is actually really powerful. Years ago, feeling this connected was unheard off .. communication was in the form of an expensive telephone call or a letter .. both which rendered a disconnect.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Passion Flower

We have another round of passion flowers in bloom on our deck, perhaps a last hurrah to the Indian Summer before fall sets in. Whatever the reason we welcome them.

Last year M accidently cut back the plant but it came back like crazy this year. We added a second plant from the farmers market to balance the arrangement so now we have passion flowers growing like mad down both sides of the deck - looks good. Lil Kormacurry is dressed in passion flower purple today - and looks cute as a button.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Fall

Not the bristly Manchester band but Autumn. The trees are turning here in the Pacific Northwest, the days are short and the rainclouds are rolling in from the ocean. It's the time of the year to draw in and reflect, re-ignite the gas fire, turn on the radiant heating, re-order cable and brain-storm a season of Powerderhound adventures .. more Blackcomb, Baker and maybe a trip to Batchelor (Da Batch) - we'll see. I'm considering buying a one night a week pass for Cypress Mountain - perhaps the Flemish Economist will do the same so we can have a regular outing to the mountains. Shortly, we'll take Lil Kormacurry around Van Dusen gardens for a tour of the epic fall colours - on a clear day the combinations of colours would send Turner wild.

Talking of Turner, we've been watching a great BBC series called "A Picture Of Britain". It's a tour of the British Isles landscape and the painters who over the last 300 years enchanted the British People's into loving their land. Excellent series - recommend it.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Family Visit

A couple of weeks ago our nieces and nephews came up for a visit. We had good times catching up and exploring the area. First up was a trip to the Gelateria where I threw down a competition "Who get's the most free samples wins". Niece L won with 12 samples! Sugared up we went for a tour of my office which the loved followed by a walk around the pier. At this point Nephew B said "This is insane, do you do this all the time?". "Yes!, my life is 100% insanity dude" ... "Cool!".

Following day we head to the Lynn Canyon for a walk over the suspension bridge, a walk through the woods to a water fall which looks like where Gollum would live. Lots of people jumping into the swimming holes and kids swimming in the freezing river..

On with the insanity, we head over to our friends with a pool for a good few hours of cool down and larking around...

.. Nephew B decided to jam with Wesley Ray .. I swear he's a tiny guitarist in the making. He's got an instance obsession with playing, has pretty good rythmn and all the right moves down already ...

.. Niece H plugged in and played along on bass. She got it down and is hoping to learn bass as a hobby ...

A great weekend which concluded with a trip to the mall to watch Clone Wars, a ride on the skytrain over the Fraser River and delicious meal M made for us. Good times.

Lil' Kormacurry

This is a special post announcing the birth of our little girl - Lil Kormacurry. M and I are over the moon with our greatest creation. She's an adorable little sweetie. The joys of having a family are among us and we're loving it. Three cheers! for Lil Kormacurry, "Hip hip Hooray", "Hip hip Hooray", "Hip hip Hooray"

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vancouver Summer

It's been a busy summer, so not much blogging. Facebook has also eaten into my blogger.com time. After a intertial start to summer it finally kicked in and is consistently scorching (28-31 degrees). Amongst the hecticness we've headed down to the beach for many picnics and lovely evenings watching the sun go down. Here's a few pictures from the summer ...

Monday, July 07, 2008